Compost Bin Comparison Videos

These videos feature a study conducted by the Sacramento Master Gardeners
 testing various composting units and methods,
compliments of Dave Wilson Trees. 
Each video was taken at the Fair Oaks Horticulture Center In Fair Oaks California.

(They are short, the longest being a little over 7 minutes.)


(If you just want the results, watch Part 3)

To recap: The testing was on open and closed bins,

including several of the bins I post (or will post) about.

They go into a bit of detail about bins and compost in general.
10 compost bins were tested.
The first 5 are open bins:
Garden Gourmet
 Home Composter(no longer being manufactured) 
 Earth Engine Dual Bin
The next 5 are covered bins:
 Tumble Weed
Enviro Cycle
Roto Composter
Earthmaker Aerobic Composter

The biggest surprise for me was  that the open bins got hotter.


Be sure to put a balance of "green" and "brown" material in your bin.

Too much green ( kitchen scraps and fresh grass clippings) can cause anaerobic microbes.

This will cause your compost to be too wet, sticky and smelly.

The organic materials used in this test were straw, alfalfa hay, pine needles, pine shavings, grass clippings and coffee grounds

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